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If you fail to prepare, then you are prepared to fail

(Benjamin Franklin)

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and good Web Design

More and more people want to manage their own website, just like you, but don’t know how to do this right. Small business companies, self employed people, mom and dad sites are rising every day and outsourcing SEO and web services can be very expensive.  Especially for this group I created this basic guide to web success. You don’t need a large budget to setup a web service, online shop, or information site. And it is not too difficult to earn money with a successful site. But you must know the fundamentals and you must do the right things in the right order and you need a little patience to learn some important facts first.mailorderbride do my homework for me

Maintaining a website is not a one time job. It’s an ongoing job and you need to keep yourself up with the continuous change of how search engines work.
We made it easy for you to put all these information into one information resource, your ‘SEO voices’. You will learn the fundamentals of creating a website in such way that it also can be found by the major search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing (Microsoft).

In this SEO guide you will learn:

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We offer you:

Why this basic SEO guide?

Most large commercial companies have a website. Their (IT or E-commerce) organization has or hires employees like, a web developer (back end), web designer (front end), graphic designer (look & feel), Webmaster, site manager, content managers, text-editors, marketing managers and site promoters, or they hire professional web design- and SEO companies. In any way, such companies have better (financial) opportunities to create and promote a website then most individuals or small business companies have. In your case you probably have to to do this all alone, using your single PC, HTML-editor or Blog software and a graphic tool like Photoshop. This means that you need to have a lot of different skills to reach the ultimate goal: ‘get a prominent position/ranking in the major Search Engines (SE’s)’.

Sounds hopeless? No, it isn’t, because anyone can do it, including you. Once I also started with a personal website and got interested in SEO. So I started reading, subscribed to some good SEO newsletters, visit specific SEO forums and read some books about SEO, design, marketing and writing and one of the most important things: I regular visit and analyze the websites of my competitors and try to do it better than they do. The only problem is (for me it is a challenge) that the development in the ‘SEO-world’ never stops, you have to keep yourself up with the changes of the major search engines and directories and stay up-to-date by reading prominent articles (like our top articles) and visit SEO forums.

Just remember that almost all information you need to learn about SEO is free on the web. You only need to know where to find it, because there is a lot of crap too out there. And you need some talent to distinguish all these information from what is true and what is not (or what is something in between). For that reason I regular publish top articles from prominent players in the SEO and web marketing world.  Therefore I use the name: SEO Voices.

With help of this guide you can start your own web business. In such way, that it can be found in the search engines too.

I wish you all the luck with your website!


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