3 Important principles of web designing

Web designing can be a very challenging task due to the multiple functions that a web design is supposed to achieve. A web design is supposed to please the target audience and at the same time provide all the necessary information. It is meant to be functional and visually coherent. Thus, designing web is not a very easy task and functions on a set of principles.

Some of the principles of web design are as follows.

1. Guiding the eye of the visitor: One of the most important functions of a web design is providing information. An important tool that you can make use of is precedence. You as a designer are to lead the user around the screen. Precedence stands for the amount of visual weight that the different parts of your design have. The user’s eye is to be directed following a sequence of steps. This implies that you must place the information in the order that you want the user to view it. For example in case you want the user to view your logo at the first instance, in order to get an idea about the topic, then it has to be placed in such a way that it catches the eye first. The tools that you can put to use in order to establish precedence are color, size, contrast, position as well as the various elements of design.

2. Making good use of spacing: It is very important to provide proper spacing in your web design. Amateur web designers may feel the need to cram in more and more information into the web page but it is better if you do not clutter your web page with too much matter and provide the necessary amount of spacing. This is particularly important because spacing makes the information on the page clearer to the user. There are various aspects of spacing; the most common out of them is line spacing. If you provide too much space between two lines, then it is difficult to read as the reader’s eye may get lost and if the space is very small, then the reader may spill over to the next line. Thus, you have to provide spacing that is neither too close not too far apart.

3. Choosing proper typography: You should remember that the text is one of the most important aspects of the page as per that you are to put a lot of thought into it. You must choose from a range of font sizes, font choices, colors, line length, spacing, etc. This has to be done in such a way so that the text is visually appealing to the user.

These are a few principles of web design that you must implement in order to be a successful web designer.

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