5 Creative Ways to Use Pinterest for Business

13 August 2012 – Currently the 3rd biggest social network in the U.S., Pinterest has managed to change the course of social media as we know it. With a referral traffic larger than LinkedIn, Google+ and

YouTube combined, it’s no wonder users worldwide are enjoying its perks— especially businesses.

 If you’re running a business but are still not pinning it, I’ve listed below 5 creative ways for you to use Pinterest to generate more sales and earn more profit.



1. Feature your customers’ pin boards.

In Pinterest, people are allowed to feature other pin boards on a user-to-user basis. You can use this to your advantage by choosing some of your top followers to feature pin boards that are related to your brand.


For instance, you can have them pin images of the customized bags you sell that they patronize. This is a fun, colorful way to show customer loyalty visually.


2. Organize a contest.

To push things a bit farther, you can hold a contest among those you chose to feature their pin boards on yours. Not only will it spark creativity among your followers, it will also show just how much people love your brand, thereby increasing the chances of more consumers following you.


Why not have your followers post images of how your customized bags are a big part of their lives?


Just keep in mind to carefully read the rules Pinterest have regarding contests like this. The last thing you want is getting penalized and losing a lot of potential customers.


3. Pin and re-pin other images.

It’s a cardinal rule of Pinterest to never hard sell your brand in this social media platform. Pinterest is a virtual pin board that is meant to share inspiring, beautiful images that can fuel creativity, productivity and success.


In order for you to achieve this as a business, learn to be human. Don’t just pin images that showcase your products/services. Pin and re-pin other images that inspire your business.


If you’re selling customized bags online, pin images of other bags that you find creative and those that you want to take inspiration from. You can even pin images of materials that can be used to make bags. Remember that other people’s output can be your source of creating something so much better as well as drive your followers to be more curious towards your brand.


4. Find what your market is interested in.

It’s very easy to find what your consumers are very interested in pinning. You can use Search or like Twitter, utilize hashtags to find what the current trends are.


Pinterest allows businesses to learn how the market behaves without doing much effort. This is a breather for you to do away from analytics for a while and just find the visuals your market is most popularly pinning.


5. Show what your business personality is.

Pinterest gives you doors to let loose a bit. You don’t have to always pin images of your products/services or other images you find interesting. You can take it up a notch and pin images or videos of the people behind your business.


Be it a candid photo during work hours or a festive event organized by your company, pin it and let your followers see your quirky side.


People appreciate others who feel more real, rather than those that are too ideal and serious.


By the looks of it and the amount of users flocking to Pinterest, it seems like this social media site will go nowhere else but up. So don’t waste the opportunity of using a free online pin board to show what your business is all about.



Samantha Nicole Samonte is a Content Specialist for Webcada, [Link: http://www.webcada.com] an SEO [Link: http://www.webcada.com/search-engine-optimization] company in Singapore. She spends the rest of her time guest-blogging for various websites. 

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