A Fresh Look at Google Adsense

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Once upon a time people wrote articles about high value keywords and tried to rank for them.

This occurred because Adsense displayed ads that were based on the content of a website. As a result of this there are many articles about high paying keywords like “laywers” or “asbestos” and not so many articles about lower paying subjects.

Chasing high dollar keywords had a large scale influence on what the web looks like today (spammy).

This has now changed.

What I am referring to is the use of browser history to display ads. Just because you have a “cat” website does not mean you will be showing ads about “cats” anymore. If a visitor to your website was recently looking at furniture, a furniture ad will show up on your website about “cats”.

While we haven’t seen it change entirely over, it is moving in a new direction which should be welcome news to people who have spent their time creating valuable content that did not chase keywords. It is also good news for Adsense advertisers as well. The biggest winner however, in my opinion, will be a less spammy internet.

Ads based on user history is a big change.

Much bigger than you might at first think. Another way to say “Google is using user history to display ads” is to say…

“Google is no longer using what your website is about to display ads.”

This can be a scary thought for many people who have based their web ventures around high paying keywords. They may have some thinking to do.

Ads based on user history changes many things and some good points to ponder are…

  • The perception of Adsense not being the best option for monetization needs a second look.
  • For content authors, this is welcome and fabulous news that will make them more money.
  • As these changes become more widely adopted and known, the internet will see less and less made for adsense spam in general.

If you talk to an “old timer” about how to monetize your website, they will often say Adsense is not the best option, this is based on their experience. It is important to point out that their experience is… well, old. If they have been on the web awhile and don’t like Adsense, then they probably aren’t using it much and are not as familiar with what the landscape is now.

I have seen these changes take place and they have significantly improved the monetization of some of my websites. I think some old timers will soon be going back to Adsense too.

As Google places more and more value on user history and less value on website content, you will see…

  • Made for Adsense spam sites & high dollar keyword targeted sites make less and less money.
  • General websites which have traffic and quality content make more and more money.
It is important to note, that these changes are not on a massive scale yet. People are still making plenty of cash off of high paying keywords and will do so for awhile. I am just stating that this is beginning to change, and that this change will only grow.

I believe this is great news for most of the people out there who are using Adsense.

  • Example: Someone has a website about calico cats, that used to have almost no value as a keyword in Adsense. In the past they were getting 1 or 2 cents a click. Now they are noticing something different, they are receiving clicks that are worth a dollar or more sometimes here and there. These improved numbers will grow in the future and it is not about the content of their site.

In the past if a webmaster saw such clicks, they would go out and maybe change their content to try to get more similar clicks (instead of keeping their content the way they originally thought was appropriate). This soon won’t work anymore, and as a result quality content will stay that way instead of being changed into keyword farms.

The reason for those intermittent high dollar clicks is the visitors user behavior, not the subject or wording of the website.

I have seen convincing evidence that the trend to show ads based on user history is growing. If it continues to grow, the made for Adsense sites and website that are chasing high paying keywords will start making significantly less money.

Those who just sit around getting drunk and only wake up randomly to check their Adsense accounts to see how much money they made may need to change their ways.

If you want to do well at Adsense, have traffic.

That may sound overly simplistic, but it is true. Websites that used to have high traffic but low click values will start making more money. (psst – I am talking about good websites to buy here)

If you are a person who buys websites based on keyword subject on a large scale for their Adsense value, you may want to wake up, do some testing and examine this trend.

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