A Great Business Plan Will Help You Earn Extra Money From Home!

A well thought out professional at home based business plan can mean the difference between a company that succeeds and “one that crashes and burns”. A good great business plan  demonstrates  truth and credibility, and generates excitement for your top home business. Your plan must be thorough, professional, and realistic.

Even if you’re starting out as a part-time business with an initial goal to earn extra money from home, a well built plan can be your road map toward a full time tomorrow .

Basic  Practices

The following are some  critical items to keep in mind when sitting down to write your plan:

  • Your plan must be concise (30 to 40 single-spaced pages at most, not counting appendices).
  • Your plan must be easy to follow and comprehend, without typos or grammatical errors.
  • Your plan should portray large and profitable market opportunities for your home based small business.
  • Your plan must  transmit the strength and depth of your work from home company management team, even if it begins with just you? 

Avoid the Following while Constructing Your Business Plan

Here are some items on what not to do while drafting your top home based business plan:

  • Do NOT make unrealistic  projections.
  • Do NOT underrate the problems in growing a business.
  • Do NOT underrate competitors.
  • Don’t assume that the reviewer knows industry technical jargon.
  • Don’t let in long, windy or overly complicated information.
  • Don’t include highly private or proprietary information.
  • Do NOT avoid discussing the risks to the business. This may take away from the plan’s credibility. 

Usual Business Plan Structure.

The design of every well conceived business plan, although not required in all instances, tends to run along the same basic lines, integrating the following key pieces:

Introductory Page. The cover page should be professional and informative and should contain an appropriate confidentiality legend.

Professional Summary. The executive summary is the introduction prefaceto your at home based business plan and the most vital critical section. Although it comes first, you generally write it last because it summarizes the complete plan. effectual summaries usually include:

  • The businesses’  origins .
  • The product or service and its original or competitive advantage.
  • The company’s  goals.
  • The market outlook for the product and/or service.
  • A three to five year overview of most important financial projections, especially sales and profit/loss.

For new companies, do some market research  analysis and make down-to-earth assumptions  calculations about how your company can compete contend.

  • The management team and its success record.
  • The capital required to enlarge the business.
  • The “I’m out of here” strategy.

The Work From Home Company Description. This should communicate a sense of the background of the business, as well as its goals. You should also include a summation of the company’s principal goals  — both “over-the-long-run” and down-to-earth short-term goals.

Operations. The management section area of the plan identifies  the critical members of the management team, describes their individual responsibilities and establishes their  pertinent experience and accomplishments. Include resumes that render accomplishments and relevant track records in an appendix. This applies even if it is just you as a single member mangement team.

The Product and/or Service. If the business is marketing a product and/or service, this section describes what the product and/or service is or will be and shows why it can infiltrate the established or developing market. If the product and/or service is still under development, talk in detail where the project and/or service stands and what needs to be done to bring it to market.

Investors are typically not interested in a one product company. You should thus talk about logical extensions of the company’s product diversity and future embellishments in the product section.

The Market. You have to persuade  potential investors that the company’s market is large, growing, and receptive to your products or services. If the market is little or declining, investors are typically will not want to invest. Appendices may include more detailed market details.

Competition. The competitors area of the plan identifies how you will be competing with your competitors? How will your product and/or service price or caliber be different? What will make it a winner attractive?

Merchandising.The marketing area of the business plan should talk about the company’s marketing plan and strategy in as much detail as you are able.

Financial Statements and Projections. This area of the plan should incorporate a summary of the major aspects of the financial forecasts, which will be shown in more depth in appendices. These could include total cash requirements, the time frame for positive cash flow and the anticipated growth in sales and “net” income.

The financial projections appendices should have more detail: balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow forecasts for a 3  to 5 year period, with the details presented monthly for the first year and every quarter in remaining years. The projected income statement is probably the most important forecast.

The most momentous aspect of the projections is the set of projections that are the basis of your calculations — they must be “down to earth”, make sense, and attainable.

If you’re not a financial statement guru expert, get help. Credible Logical financial projections are so  critical — if you’re not familiar “up-to-speed” with financial documents, you should find help from an accountant or other  professional source.

Make Sure ite Real. After you finish your initial business plan, circulate it for comment to friends, professionals, and other trustedadvisors. Ask for their blunt “tough love” assessments. Better still, ask them to provide you a “markup” of the plan with specific recommended alterations .

Write a Mini Business Plan

A two  or 3 page business plan can also be helpful many times. This condensed plan helps premise the home based small business to potential investors, lenders, or associates. If the party is interested, you may  present them with the complete business plan.


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