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Bart DirksMy name is Bart Dirks, live in The Netherlands and started my first website in 1999. In that time it was still possible to manipulate the search engines for getting high rankings using artificial methods and many SEO-companies and Webmasters took advantage of that.

This resulted in many irrelevant search results and a lot of SE spam. The SE’s (especially Google) wanted to change that. One of the most ‘famous’ update (or SE algorithm) was the so called Google-dance in November 2003 (also called as the “Florida Update”), when thousands of websites just dropped from the index like rotten apples from a tree, while they used to have a good or at least satisfied ranking in Google. Since then, a lot happened and all people involved in SEO had learned a good lesson from this: Don’t try to manipulate search engines and don’t fool visitors by sending them to irrelevant websites (also called: “Black hat SEO”)

Many website owners had to re-design their sites and re-define the use of keywords to get ranked again in the SE’s. But also a new generation SEO’ ‘specialists’ were growing like weed in a flowerbed. The ones who now ‘really’ know (and sometimes even dare to say ‘guarantee’) how to optimize your site to promise you a top 10 position in a few weeks (for a lot of money of course).

Please, do not believe them, no one can ‘guarantee’ you any top position in, for example, Google (read Google SEO info page), at least not in the natural (organic) way. Fortunately there are also very good SEO’s who indeed know how to optimize a website for good ranking and using the correct methods to achieve that.

My basic SEO and web design guide is mainly for people who are starting to develop or operate a website or for people who are thinking of hiring a SEO Consultant, but first want to know what SEO or SEM is.

In case this (Who-Am-I) page was your entry-page:

  • SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization

  • SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing

I run and own a dozen websites and do all the SEO stuff by myself. I only spend some money to buy good books and some paid ads accounts (like Adwords). Many information you need to know about SEO is (almost) free to find on the web, the only problem is to know, what is right, what is wrong.

To make it easy for you, I selected for you the main basic information.
I started to learn SEO somewhere end of 1999 and keep myself up-to-date by reading a lot and visiting one of the greatest (if not the best) SEO online training and forum community from Aaron Wall.

I don’t consider myself a SEO ‘consultant’. But I do have a broad knowledge (gathered for about 9 years) about developing a website in such way it will be found by search engines. My advice and information is free to use and it is not my living. I just want to offer my Basic SEO Information for free to all people who are- or will be involved in Search Engine Optimization or web development. Even when you or your company want to hire external SEO consultants to promote or marketing your website(s), you first need to know what SEO is all about and you can use my site as your first start and reference.

The content will be updated regular, so come back now and then or add my site to your favorites as a reference (or a link would be nice too :-). It’s cheap (free) and useful and if you do your SEO right, it can spare you a lot of money, time and frustration and above all, will probably give you a high ranking in the search engines!

My advice is:


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