Are You Connecting with Your Website? Find out How in 5 Easy Steps!

Now you’ve got your own website , perhaps it is a web site you set up for free , by yourself , over a weekend . Perhaps it was custom built for you by a Calgary Web design team who later got bought out by another company or simply sank into the deep  end of the World Wide Web . No matter how you came to own a website , whether it is a prefab web design or custom Web solution , every website needs love . To be frank, the whole “WWW” is built on the attention and passion of people, all interacting and growing and learning together.

Truth is, all websites are built in varying levels of complex code , web optimized images and streaming video and most people are not accustomed to the languages spoken or understood between websites, servers and browsers.A lot goes on behind the closed doors of a server that the public never sees …nor probably cares about. If the Web site is up and running and communicating as it should, what else matters right? This might have been true a few years ago, but with the entrance of social media and a flood of over a billion web pages online , now is the best time to look at ways to build the love for your Web site. By improving this relationship, you’ll find that you will inadvertently improve your relationship with your customers and visitors! So focus on building the “love” in your website by reviewing these 5 suggestions for showing your Website, and the world, you care!

  1. Start with a strong foundation – okay, so you have a free website on some large Web hosting service . This does not mean that your site will look cheap or unprofessional. Look at what options you have in customizing the user experience within the web builder framework, for example , take time to generate unique, edited written content with higher quality images, properly optimized for your site . Well written, unique content with the proper use of keywords and search terms will help you make better friends with search engines and your visitors. You can still create a unique, purposeful Web presence from a cookie-cutter site…this is more of a challenge than getting a unique, custom designed website, but hey, what would life be without any challenges?
  2. Make your website part of your team – once you have the site published and live for the global community to see, make sure you keep a close eye on it and help it make its first real steps online. The first three months are critical after you launch , as it can take that long for the search engines you submit to, to find and list your site properly . If you run multiple web sites, add in links to your new site on your established web sites, whether they are static websites, blogs or even e-commerce sites.
  3.   See the world from your Website’s point of view – so your site has been live for a few months and you’ve got some friends to visit the site and have even gotten some feedback from strangers who found your site and liked it. Now is a great time to walk a mile in your Website’s shoes. You can do this by reviewing your website’s climb by checking your Google analytics report  (you set that up when you were building your site, right?) and also your server’s own stats page, which might be different from your Google Analytics report, but will still provide some good info . Next, check how many (and which) links are pointing to your site by using Google’s backlink feature in your page rank. Also, take a look from the human perspective and try to find your site on the search engines that you’ve built your site for. Consider resubmitting your site if the search engine in question allows and make any content changes and meta tag changes that are needed to improve your keyword density.
  4. Introduce your website to others – Once you have worked out any glitches and refined the content, you can increase your marketing to include paid advertising like PPC campaigns and banner ads, even increase your print media advertising . Also, try writing an article and submitting it to an article ezine directory to help people who are interested in your niche find your site .
  5. Spoil it on special occassions – When is your Web site’s birthday? Do you know it? It’s a good date to remember. Your web hosting renewal or domain renewal will be an easy reminder for you. Each year take half an hour to review what others are doing on similar sites and see if it is worth it to upgrade part of your site, if you can, or look at expanding your Website’s platform and functionality . When your website turns 3 years old, plan to give it a new design or consider rebuilding it entirely so it can expand with your new ideas and the general growth and advancements in coding standards and multimedia use.

Remember, don’t feel overwhelmed by the complexities of web design and running and maintaining your site . You might make the switch to a robust CMS solution that is good for the layperson editor and also the more advanced website designer . It’s okay to use a universal system as it is easier to upgrade than a custom-coded site, but just be aware that you will need to make a few extra steps to get it found and to make the user experience unique.

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