Facing Your Fears As An Entrepreneur

Everyone I have ever talked to that’s an entrepreneur has had to come back in the flesh with their fears. I have had to as well. I need to share with you some of the techniques that I’ve got used to face them. The first step is to not be in denial. You have got fears whether or not you don’t readily acknowledge them. They generally take the form of that chatter in the back of your head that says you’ll be able to’t do it. Worry is such a huge issue preventing individuals from turning into entrepreneurs. I have heard from the CEO of a real-estate based network...
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Email Marketing Advice for Online Marketers

Email marketing can be a very effective way to let people know about your online business and sell more products. There are many internet marketers who notice a sharp increase in sales after sending a promotional email out to a mailing list instead of waiting for people to find their websites. The reason for this is because the people on your mailing list are already receptive to what you’re promoting. Of course, that doesn’t mean that e-mail marketing is infallible. You will still need to work at getting the right message across. Can you think how many times you’ve...
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