Don't Pay the Price For These Costly Link Building Mistakes

There are millions of websites and blogs on the Internet on every imaginable topic. Most sites don’t get many visitors, though. It takes much more work than just getting a site up to bring traffic in.

One such factor is SEO link building, the process of getting backlinks from other relevant sites that have good content.

There are some successful link builders out there but the majority don’t do it right. If you want to beat your competition in the search engines then you must understand link building. When building links the only thing to worry about is if you are giving the search engines what they want. Using list building techniques that the search engines don’t condone is not the fastest way to get on the first page but it is the fastest way to get your site snatched out of the listings and having to start from scratch.

The most effective link building is done with a plan that allows you to build quality links slow and steadily over time. Trying to speed up the process will only bring more harm than good. So if you don’t want to end up in the category of marketers who fail to get traffic through the search engines, then stay away from the following mistakes.

It’s a mistake to get backlinks from web pages that the search engine spiders can’t crawl.

Placing a link on one of these will not help you no matter what you do. How’s that possible? There are sites that are not indexed by Google because of the robot.txt file, so, your links will not be counted when placed on one of these sites. So, if you want your backlinks counted then it is important that they be placed on search engine friendly pages.

Avoid the search engines giving your site a bad name by not linking to any sites that have tarnished reputations.

When Google sees these links on your site they automatically assume that you are endorsing them and whatever they are doing that gave them a bad reputation. A simple peek at the sites that a link leads to can save you from being wrongly identified as being associated with a site that has a bad reputation.

Remember, that once your pages become authority pages in Google’s eyes, they will be worth money to other marketers if they can get one of their backlinks on your; however, if anyone wants to put a link on your page that leads to a unethical resource just turn down the offer.

A site with a bad reputation can also hurt your site if you have a link on your site to it. In other words, the site, which used to be on a decent scale, starts to run adult ads and other racy content. That’s why it always makes sense to check where your outgoing links are leading to. To take the time and effort to build quality links can be frustrating at first but once you see how powerful they are you will strive for the best backlinks. A little patience and concentrating on quality links will make your site a powerhouse on the first page.When building links remember that your site’s reputation is on stake in case you keep repeating a mistake again and again. Remember, no shady stuff and concentrate on quality instead of quantity. Confidential Conversion Bonus

Avoid the search engines giving your site a bad name by not linking to any sites that have tarnished reputations.

When you’re linking to these sites, technically you’re telling Google that you recommend them, which results in a penalty coming your way. Keeping a close eye on your site’s outbound links will save your reputation in the eyes of Google.

Remember to take your time when building links so you won’t forget important steps, such as, using your main keywords as anchor text.

When it comes to link building, one mistake can have serious implications for your web site. Make sure you don’t engage in any of these common link building mistakes and you’ll save yourself a lot of grief.

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