Google caffeine coming after the holidays – Page speed ranking influance

From: WebProNews

Google’s Matt Cutts discussed two key ingredients of where Google is headed in an interview with WebProNews out in Vegas. The first of these ingredients is of course Google’s much discussed Algorithm update (Caffeine), which was recently found to begin rolling out soon.

The fact of the matter, as Matt himself says, is that it is only going live at one of Google’s data centers, and it is not even live yet, but will be before the holidays. That said, Caffeine will not roll out to the rest of Google’s data centers until after the holidays. He says that while Google could have rolled the update out faster, they didn’t want to upset webmasters by releasing it before the holidays. This is something that happened in the past when Google released its infamous Florida update before the holidays, causing rankings to drastically change. Cutts says not to panic.

Cutts also says that there might be an address set up soon where people can go and search, maybe not exclusively with Caffeine 100% of the time, but where queries will be more likely to hit the data center that’s hosting it.

The second ingredient that Matt discussed is that of site speed. From the sound of it, speed is going to be a huge factor in SEO moving in to 2010. He says that a number of people within Google consider speed to be very important to the web, and they are considering if that should play a role in the rankings of websites in search results.

According to Cutts, speed hasn’t played a role in rankings in the past, but that may very well change. Watch the video for more details about Caffeine and Google’s resources for helping webmasters improve site speed.

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