How to find SEO companies that will actually give you the results you want

With the ever shifting sands of the SEO would changing seemingly every single moment, it’s never been more important to make sure the money you are spending online to boost your rankings and gain more traffic is finely tuned than right now. The worldwide economy is in a terrible slump, and every single dollar in business needs to pull more than its own weight – it’s just not okay to spend a ton of money on a solution that might maybe possibly probably work.

The problem is, it’s next to impossible to know who’s on the up and up in the SEO world and who’s a waste of time. This has wrecked more than few ships in the online business world than most anything else, especially due to the nature of the SEO world. Filled with geek speak and becoming more and more technical every single day, it’s a lot like going to a mechanic if you’ve never looked under the hood. “Oh yeah, your Johnson rod is all out of whack – we’ll need to replace that for sure”.

 Ignorance just doesn’t cut it in today’s business world, but since we are already pressed for time in running an online business the obvious answer of learning everything ourselves just doesn’t have the same kind of allure as before. So we hire it out, hoping that we’re making the right decision.

Well you can banish hope and replace it with certainty with this simple process outline below – a process that will make certain you get only the best of the best and pay for effective solutions only.

Don’t just take their word for it – make them put their money where their mouth is

The worst thing you could do is take an SEO company at face value – everyone in the world is going to promise the moon and the stars at the outset and then the moment the check clears will try to reign in your expectations that they boosted in the first place. The only way to avoid this kind of huge problem is to force them to put up or shut up – make them show you a history with a timetable of effective work they’ve done in the past. It is impossible to spend any money on a lark today and expect to make it online, but that’s just what a lot of the SEO companies are trying to peddle – and then they’ll tell you things may take a long while to see a return. Make them show you that they know what they’re doing with some past work experience.

Set up a pay for performance system – most won’t like it, but . . .

This is something that most SEO companies won’t touch – but depending on your situation it can be a real bonus. Average companies are afraid of promising results of any kind, but the pros will often agree to this system with a single stipulation – you need to let them run the project from start to finish. Nothing kills SEO work like a meddling business owner that doesn’t understand the ins and outs anymore, so if you expect a pay for performance system, turn the reigns over completely.  One word of warning, often companies that promise ‘ranking results’ do so on low competition keywords that don’t help your website one iota.  The trick is to agree on what sort of ‘performance’ you paying for.

This articlewas written by Joel Mayer about Australian Web Marketers, suppliers of web marketing and SEO Australia wide.

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