Search Engine Ranking Trends For 2011

It is clear to see to most knowledgeable web users that the evolution of search engine optimization techniques happens faster than anything else on the internet. Web coders and designers are in a constant battle with search engines to relentlessly pursue that final goal of all conquering search results. What this has meant is that there is now a number of ways that search engine rankings and results can be cultivated to your needs – if you have the required time, knowledge and/or money.

Now we are into 2011, it is important to get an idea of what is working now and what techniques are beginning to become effective so that you can make the most out of your time and not waste it concentrating on ineffective methods of SEO. Compiled below is a list of trends you should expect to see during 2011.

Social Network Marketing And Social Media Optimization – Social Media Optimization basically means utilizing the recent surge in social networking sites to the benefit of search engine ranking. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have been steadily increasing in worldwide popularity over the last few years to the point now that there are nearly 800 million active accounts on these two social networking giants. By marketing a product well on these sites and creating or increasing brand and product exposure, companies are able to pre-empt the development of search engine results that will soon include filtering data through personalized recommendations.

Website Optimization – One easy way to gain a foothold in search engine rankings is to pay for off-site SEO techniques such as obtaining backlinks from different websites, blog posts or question sites like Yahoo Answers. However, right now Google is looking at adapting their search algorithms to penalize websites that are not optimized for web searches. This means making sure your site has relevant meta-tags and a low site load time.

Twitter – Whereas 2009 and 2010 saw a massive increase in marketing through the Facebook medium, it is expected that 2011 will bring Twitter to the forefront, or at least close to the forefront, of social network marketing. The end of last year saw a surge in marketing campaigns through Twitter and it is likely due to increase due to the benefits of Twitter over Facebook. Twitter is a real-time social networking site, when somebody uploads text, their followers are informed immediately; not in an hour, not when they get home and check their emails, immediately. The benefits in marketing terms is tremendous as with the function of re-tweets, a promotional message can be communicated to a much larger number of people in a much smaller amount of time compared to other social networking sites.

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