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There are four ways to submit your site to search engines and directories:

  1. Let it do by a professional
  2. Do it by yourself
  3. A combination of 1 and 2
  4. by using a software tool

By using number 4, your site submission is done by a software tool. This tool automatically submits you site to hundreds of search engines. Many (large) search engines like Google, doesn’t like automated site submissions. They even could penalize your site for this. I don’t like them either, so I will not discuss this option.

Number 1 is using a service or company who will do the site submission for you. You can find many services, prices varies from low to very high. I will discuss some lower price submission services.

Number 2 is doing this by yourself. In fact this is the best method to get listed with success, you have all the control by yourself, but it is time consuming. In fact, everything related to SEO is time consuming, but it’s all worth it.
I will give you a few examples how to get listed in some large search engines and directories.

FREE listings

Submit your site to Google:

Before submitting you site to Google, I suggest to create a (free) Google account. With this account you will get some useful services, like Google’s SiteMap and Google’s Analytics. With Google’s SiteMap you can create a XML file with all your web pages, upload them to Google and control your sitemap. With this feature you also will have some features how your pages are ranking. Google XML Sitemaps explained

Google Analytics tells you everything you want to know about how your visitors found you and how they interact with your site. Which keywords they use, from where your visitors are coming, etc.

Click here to create your (free) Google account
The URL to submit your site to Google is:

Submit your site to BING:

The URL to submit your site to BING (MSN) is:

Submit your site to Yahoo:

This is also a free service, but just like Google you need to have a free account too, sign in or create your account here.*-

Submit your site to is one of the most powerful directories of the web. You can suggest your site for a listing in one of the appropriate sub directories. Your sites suggestion will be reviewed by human (volunteers) people and it can take from 3 to 6 month’s before your site is listed (if they will approve it for a listing). But this waiting time is all worth it, a listing in DMOZ is a free ride for many other search engines, that use as their ‘feeder’.
To get listed in is free, but read the terms first before you start your site suggestion.
Click here for help how to suggest a site at
To have an idea how the large search engines are related to each other, click on the SE-relationship graphic at the (top) left.

PAID listings

For a very reasonable price you can get listed in the major directories and search engines, like Yahoo, Best of the Web,, etc.

For many (business) people it is of great value to get listed in the Yahoo directory (this is not the Yahoo search engine). This will cost you a USD 299,- a year and for that money you do not even get a guaranteed listing.
Click here for details about Yahoo’s directory listing.

There are many more directories who ask money for getting listed.
For a list of the major directories, click here.

My next suggestion, to get listed very fast, in for example Google, is to use AdWords. AdWords is a pay-per-click program and can put your site on page one very quickly. Of course there are companies who spend thousands of dollars a month or even a day, but for a small business (perhaps like you) you already can have some success for say 200, 300 dollars month.  You can  stop or pause your campaign anytime you want you can lower or raise your maximum daily budget, all control is in your hands. How does it work (in a few words):

  • you sign up for an account
  • you put (as a start) $100,- in your account
  • You create your own ad
    (An ad is a box with your title, description and site name, displayed at the right of Google’s search result pages. Or Google ad’s at relevant web sites)
  • You setup the keywords you want to use
    (you have the availability to use a keyword tool to find out what keywords are popular or use the keyword tool on our SEO tools page)
  • You set the maximum click price for each keyword set
    (this is the price you have to pay if someone click on your ad)
  • Your control your campaign

Using Google’s Analytics you will have a great tool to analyze your traffic send by organic search results and analyze traffic send by your AdWords campaign.

Click the button to read all about it:

Links and Article listings

Another method to get your site listed in search engines is to have a link on other sites that lead to your site.
You can add your site at so-called (local) portals or try to get a link on other sites. To get a link on other sites your must give that other site a reason why they should link to you. This is also called: “Linkbait”. For example if you write a great article about a subject what will be very useful for others, then other sites could consider to link to that article. This will give your site a boost in the link popularity. You also can create articles and submit these to so-called article publish sites. Don’t forget to put a link to you site at the bottom of every article you publish.
To learn more about this, type the words “submit article” in Google.

Learn more about linkbaiting.

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