The background music- required or not?

Normally, background music is the music that should complement any kind of an experience. Whether you’re at  store that you buy groceries and listen to some nice music to enjoy , or watching the trailer for some latest Hollywood blockbuster .

Where we use background music? In fact, today needs for background music are daily. I will mention several of its widest use. YouTube videos, presentations, advertising, animations, web, in-store, games, Radio and tv shows, restaurants, hotel lobbies, elevators, etc.

I’ll give you a~ few examples so you would’ve a clearer picture. Because I always like to say, music is universal communication language , so it will certainly contribute to an improved experience for any of your projects. For instance, you run a presentation on the upcoming campaign for certain product, you’ve all the necessary story for the consumer and all images, storyboard. But you are missing one final thing that’s gonna step up and push the emotion of the whole presentation in your benefit.

This is the time where music takes the lead role. Exactly like when you watch some final scene in a great movie and hole atmosphere is in the peak, music right there without any notice starts to increases your feelings, whether you’re sad, happy or even in fear.

And music and your presentation are integrated in one artistic vision of commercial. Any kind of video is  unthinkable without sound or music . So YouTube is perhaps the top example of its use. Almost not a single video that containing some kind of presentation, video tutorials or “How to” form, can not pass without it. It is because the video in synergy with music or sound attracts a lot more attention of observers. In our previous article you can find utilizing background music for Youtube.

You are witnessing the  increasing popularity of TV series, from sitcoms to some serious series. In all of them you will find a lots of background music. From opener to the closing credits. All the music you hear during your TV show or favorite movie is actually the background music.

Multimedia is now growing rapidly. It’s difficult to imagine a day without some combination of image and sound, whether it be through a series, movies, Youtube, or perhaps a store . Music is everywhere, and that is okay, because life is much better with music.

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